On Grindaboð.fo you can learn about the pilot whale – the animal with whom we share the Ocean, the animal that is often mentioned in discussions about culture and traditions, and the animal that has become an icon for the Faroe Islands.


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    We share the ocean around us with pilot whales and many other sea animals. What kind of creatures are pilot whales?

    Although pilot whales are large and highly skilled predators they are also gentle, curious and very social beings that are not afraid of humans.

    Pilot whales live almost everywhere on the planet. It is uncertain how many there are.

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    Pilot whales live and travel in groups with 10 to 100 and sometimes up to 1,000 individuals.

    The bond between mother and calf is very strong. For two or more years the calf is nursed and it will stay by its mother’s side for several years, if not for a whole lifetime.

    Pilot whales are the cheetahs of the deep. They can dive up to 9 meters per second in order to find their favourite prey, giant squid.

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    Cetaceans are giants of the Ocean that we know only little about. We are filled with wonder when we see them rise to the surface to breathe, rest, play or investigate.

    Cetacea is the common name for whales, dolphins and porpoises. There are at least 87 different species in the world.

    Whales live in a world of sounds. Sound is crucial to these wondrous animals – for their communication, wellbeing and feeding. Even though they live in the sea, air is vital to them. They need to rise to the surface to breathe.

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    70 percent of the planet is covered with Ocean – a colorful and breathtaking world that remains a mystery for us humans.

    The Ocean is habitat for 230.000 different species of animals, that we know of, but only a fraction of the deep sea is yet discovered. We have discovered only one or two thirds of all species in the Ocean.

    All life on Earth depends on the Ocean. Although we know this for a fact, we humans are the Ocean’s greatest threat. We pollute and kill, destroy and abuse. The Ocean is threatened.

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